Leavening Community Primary prides itself on its attendance record. We believe that regular attendance at school is key to enabling pupils to thrive socially, emotionally and mentally as well as progress and enjoy learning. It ultimately ensures young people have the maximum life chances.

At Leavening we aim to achieve an average of 98% attendance for the year across the whole school. We work hard to support our families and regularly monitor all children’s attendance. In order to encourage good attendance we will:

  • Ensure children want to come to school each day through the high quality education and pastoral care they receive here.
  • Issue termly good attendance certificates at assemblies;
  • Present an award to pupils with 100% attendance at the end of each year to recognise their outstanding attendance.

As parents we ask you to help by:

  • Notifying the school promptly if your child is ill or is absent for any other unavoidable reason.
  • Making non-urgent medical appointments outside of school hours;
  • Booking all holidays outside of term time as Leavening will not authorise term time absences for family holidays. Please remember that there are 190 days of school which leaves 175 days to book family holidays and celebrations;
  • Making sure children arrive promptly to school. Children need to be seated in class ready for the register at 9 am and should not be just entering school at this time.  Notes will be sent home each week with children that are late 3 time or more per week and we may have to schedule an appointment for you to meet with our Leadership Team if the lateness continues. 

Medical issues- not sure when you are allowed to send your child to school if they have medical issues? Read this handy guide produced by the NHS to help you.

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Why attendance matters…

Good attendance affirmations…

Good attendance at school is not just about learning, it’s essential for your child’s wellbeing.

Good attendance will help your child make friends and develop social skills.

Good attendance will help your child learn life skills, team values and have fun.

Good attendance will support your child with a more well-rounded cultural awareness.

Good attendance will support your child in learning more about possible career pathways.

Is my child too ill to go to school?
Unsure about whether to send your child to school?
Please read this recent guidance from the NHS.
Is my child too ill for school? – NHS (

School Attendance Support Pathway 

Information for Parents