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Book Banding Information

At Leavening Community Primary School we have organised our reading scheme to make it easier for the children to take control of their choice of books, which should help to encourage their love of reading. The book your child is reading will be closely linked to the phonics phase that they are working in.

By colour banding our books we have been able to put a bigger variety of different scheme books in one level, providing children with greater choice of text and genre. As reading books from across several schemes have been placed together there will of course be some variation in style and challenge within the same band.

Your child will have been given a new reading book when there is evidence in their reading journal that they have read the book 3 times. We encourage them to read it the first time to focus on decoding and accuracy of reading the words. The second time we ask you to focus on the comprehension and meaning of what they have read (most of the books have prompts for adults) and we also have a sheet of suggested questions for you to ask your child. The third time a child read a book is to ensure they are reading with expression and/or fluency. Each time you read with your child please can you sign and date the reading journal as evidence they have read the book. Please feel free to write a comment but do not feel obliged. We also provide you with a list of suggested comments that you may wish to record.

When they need to change their reading book they will then be allowed to choose another book themselves from the appropriate coloured band under supervision from an adult.  This way they are given control of their own reading within a controlled range and the book they choose is their choice.

Once your child is assessed to be confident in this coloured band they will be moved onto the next colour. Please note, they do not have to read the majority of the books in each band. We will progress them through the reading scheme in accordance to their progress within the phonics phases.

Please see this document for further information about book banding.

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