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Meet Our Staff!


Mrs MitchellMrs Mitchell

Mrs Mitchell is fun, fab and sporty!

She is a great Head and loves to help around school.

Go Mrs Mitchell!





Mrs Husband 

Mrs Peers is a fun teacher who makes life at school so enjoyable. If you enjoy school, you enjoy learning!

Mrs Marshall is a spectacular art teacher! She compliments you on how you have done your art and gives you tips on how to hold your pencil! 


  Mrs Milson is Oak Trees' teacher.

 Mrs L SmithMrs L Smith

Mrs L Smith is our teaching assistant in Conkers. She is very friendly and kind.


 Mrs Cuthbertson is our teaching assistant in Acorns. She is very helpful and kind.  














  Mrs Stockill is our music and French teacher on Fridays. She also runs the choir and organises Young Voices. She's fab!