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CONKERS: School closure home learning resources

If your child needs help or support with schoolwork, please do get in touch via the individual class email:


Purple Mash have provided some daily activities for 5-7 year olds- perfect for Conkers class! Click the link and log in with your child's details.


Homework Grid English and Science Conkers 23rd March 2020

spellings and educational websites


Coronavirus Reassure Activities



Reception home learning activities 23.3.20

Reception letter-formation-families-handwriting-activity-sheets

Support Services for Young People in Ryedale

English activities for your child to do each day from The Hamilton Trust
Y1 Week 1 Day 1

Y1 Week 1 Day 2

Y1 Week 1 Day 3

Y1 Week 1 Day 4

Y1 Week 1 Day 5


French from Mrs Stockill

À la ferme reception lesson 1

À la ferme year 1

French Year 2 À la ferme

La chevre et les chevreaux + texte lesson 2

Les trois petits cochons

Reception French Home Learning from Mrs Stockill

Year 1 French Lesson 1

Year 2 French Lesson 1


Maths for year 1

Y1 Week 1 Day 1

Y1 Week 1 Day 2

Y1 Week 1 Day 3

Y1 Week 1 Day 4

Y1 Week 1 Day 5

Y1 Week 2 Day 1

Y1 Week 2 Day 2

Y1 Week 2 Day 3

Y1 Week 2 Day 4

Y1 Week 2 Day 5


Year 1 and 2 activities



spellings and educational websites 30.3.20

Y1 Week 3 Day 1

Y1 Week 3 Day 2

Y1 Week 3 Day 3

Y1 Week 3 Day 4

Y1 Week 3 Day 5

Year 1 and 2 First-100-high-frequency-words-handwriting-activity-sheets

Year 1 and 2 home learning activities 23.3.20

Year 1 and 2 name and lower-case-letters-pencil-control-activity-sheets


Year 1 English work

Y1 Boris and Sid are bad day 7

Y1 Day 1

Y1 Day 2

Y1 Day 3

Y1 Day 4

Y1 Day 5

Y1 Day 6

Y1 Day 7

Y1 Day 8

Y1 Day 9

Y1 Day 10

Y1 Day 11

Y1 Day 12

Y1 Day 13

Y1 Day 14

Y1 Day 15

Y1 dear postman day 6

Y1 The Owl and the Moon day 9




Conkers work for wk comm 27th April

Dear parents,
I have attached the home learning ideas for the week commencing 27.4.20 for Conkers class. Mrs Mitchell will also email you with home learning ideas from herself and Mrs Stockill, for the subjects they would normally be teaching this half term. Please note, I have also set some 2do's on Purple Mash for your child to do at their leisure.
I have also attached a letter giving more information about the Letters and Sounds phonics sessions that the DFE are providing from tomorrow. Please let me know if you have any questions about any of the work I have sent. Hope you've managed to enjoy some of the sunshine with your family.
Thanks again,
Mrs Milson

kindness looking after ourselves

Home Learning week com 27th

Wordsearch À LA PLAGE

Conkers summer 1 Week 2

Letter to parents and carers about online phonics lessons



Conkers work for wk comm 4th and 11th May - from Mrs Mitchell and Mrs Stockill

Looking after our families

Home Learning week com 4th and 11th

Year 2 ice creams

reception and year 1ice creams


Conkers summer 1 Week 3 4.5.20 from Mrs Milson.pdf


Picture News Special - VE Day 75th Anniversary

Story: The 75th Anniversary of VE Day

Question: What is VE Day?

Picture News Special Poster - VE Day 75th Anniversary

Picture News Special Resource - VE Day 75th Anniversary 2020

VE Day 75th Anniversary Resource - April 2020




Activities for 11.5.20

Dear parents,
It has been brought to my attention that the White Rose Daily Maths Lessons are only accessible for subscribers. As a school we don't subscribe to the paid material so unfortunately we won't be able to continue using these. Please use BBC Bitesize Daily Maths Lessons instead.
It was great to speak to many of you and your children earlier this week. In the next couple of weeks, my aim is to organise a video call with your child. Please download the Zoom app on your phone, Ipad or tablet unless you have a laptop with a camera, and activate your account with your details. You should have received an invitation from me, so once you have downloaded it, please click the link and follow the instructions. Please let me know if you haven't received my invitation or if you have any other questions about Zoom, I will do my best to find out!
Also, please let me know if you have trouble opening any of the links on the PDF file for any reason. 
Thanks again for your continued support,
Mrs Milson

Activities for 18.5.20 - from Mrs Milson
Dear parents,

I have attached the home learning ideas for your child for this week. The following week is half term, so I won't be sending any next week, as you all deserve a rest. If you want to keep a routine, your child can do any of the activities from previous weeks that I've set.

I have got a few contacts from some of you now, so I'm going to arrange a Zoom call. Would Tuesday morning at 10am or Wednesday afternoon at 2pm be more suitable for you all? Please let me know which date and time is best and I will organise a meeting link to send to you.

Hope you are well,

Thank you,
Mrs Milson
Conkers work for W/C 18th May - Mrs Mitchell and Mrs Stockill
Please see the following attachments below.
Note that next week (W/C 22nd May is half term so no work will be set).
In addition - please see this additional note from Mrs Mitchell:
This next week I would like you to spend time thinking about the importance of kindness. I have set you some challenges to do around being kind to your friends, to animals and to other people in your community. Have a go at which ones you like and I will look forward to seeing pictures and hearing about them.
I miss you all.
Take lots of care
Mrs Mitchell
Conkers message/ work for W/C 1st June - Mrs Milson

Dear parents,
Welcome back to the final Summer term! Hope you are well? I hope you've managed to enjoy relaxing in some of this beautiful sunshine we've had! This half term, our exciting topic is 'Time Traveller' and I have attached the home learning ideas for this week commencing 1st June 2020, based on what we would be learning in school. I have also attached the art and design technology work set by Mrs Marshall for this half term. Please let me know if you have any issues opening the files.
I will also be arranging another Zoom call this week on Wednesday at 10am. I have attached the link for it in an email, so just click the link on Wednesday just before 10, and some of Conkers children will be able to have a chat. Please do let me know by email, if there are any particular days or times each week, that would be more suitable for you to join a Zoom call than others, and I will try my best to accommodate.

 Hopefully speak to some of you on Wednesday morning,
Take care,
Mrs Milson
Conkers class work 1st June - from Mrs Mitchell
This next 2 weeks we will be thinking all about how we can have a healthy mind and look after ourselves by reflecting on all of the things that we do and how it makes us feel. I have set you two tasks to complete with your parents. One is a well being diary which is asking you to think about your achievements and experiences over the next week. The other is an activity to help you think about your time at home with your parents during the coronavirus. I hope you enjoy doing this.
Love and best wishes
Mrs Mitchell
Picture News Resources: Lockdown Reflection
Personal, social development and emotional well being activities
Music and French home learning for 5th and 12th June
I have attached some memory quilt patches for your child to decorate in whichever way they choose, to help them complete the art work set by Mrs Marshall. Lots of bright colours please.
Look forward to speaking to some of your children tomorrow,
Mrs Milson

Home learning 8.6.20 and 15.6.20
Dear parents,
I have attached the home learning ideas for 8/6/20 and 15/6/20 onto one grid, so I won't be sending another one next weekend. Just to remind you, there are lots of 2do tasks that I have set on Purple Mash, over the last few weeks. I have also set another one for Geography , to record the different types of weather over the next 2 weeks, by creating a pictogram. Please encourage your child to have a go.
If you have any questions about the work I've set, please send me an email.
Take care,
Mrs Milson

Zoom story time
Dear parents,
Hope you're all having a lovely week, despite the rain! I'm looking forward to hosting the next Zoom call on Friday 19th June at 10am with the children. It would be fabulous if some children read a page or two of their stories, and show us all some more of what they have been doing at home. Just click the link I have attached at 10am next Friday, and I'll hopefully speak to many of you then. Please see your email from me for the Zoom meeting information. Take care, and enjoy family time together.
Mrs Milson

Conkers Home Learning Music and French for 19th June

Conkers home learning work: W/c 22nd June to 10th July - From Mrs Mitchell
Home Learning week com 22nd June to 10 July.pdf
Conkers home learning work: W/c 22nd June and 26th June - From Mrs Milson

Conkers summer 2 Week 4 and 5 22.6.20 and 29.6.20 from Mrs Milson

Conkers Music and French work: 26th June, 3rd July and 10th July

26th June Reception french_transport
26th June Year 1 french_transport
26th June Year 2 french_transport

3rd July Music BBC Ten Pieces Kerry Andrew Composing sheet
3rd July Reception Transport in French
3rd July Year 1 Transport in French
3rd July Year 2 Transport in French

10th July Music DYNAMICS worksheet



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