Launch & Landings

Topic Launch

Battles and Events that have shaped our world.

The children are being inspired and learning all about the many events which have shaped and changed our world. The whole school will be visiting the Armed Forces Day at Catterick Garrison where they will be experiencing an array of activities. The children will be climbing and interacting with serving soldiers from all different areas of the Armed Forces.


‘Making a Difference’ – Plastic Pollution debate.

The children designed a sculpture out of the communities plastic recycling. This enabled the pupils to see a mass wastage of plastic and inspired them all to make a difference. We also took part in the BBC live Blue Planet lesson, exploring the effects of plastic pollution in our oceans.


‘Once Upon a Time’.

Each class explored a different traditional story and spent the day discovering characterisation, drama and creative writing around the story. Pupils in Acorns became Goldilocks and the Three Bears. Pupils in Conkers enjoyed Mad Hatters tea party as in Alice in Wonderland, Pupils in Oak Trees were embroiled in the magical fantasy of Beauty and the Beast. All pupils had the opportunity to dress up.


‘Is there anybody out there?’

The whole school were delighted to take part in the Launch event for this half terms topic of ‘Is there anyone out there?’ The pupils enjoyed a day of designing and building rockets, creating their own solar system and learning intergalactic style moon dances.