Pupil Premium Funding

What Pupil Premium is for

Pupil Premium funding is extra money given to schools from the Department for Education. This money is to assist pupils who are considered at risk of underachievement to make greater social and academic progress.


How much Pupil Premium Funding will Leavening get this year?

School is receiving pupil premium funding to the value of £8470 this year.


How Leavening CP will spend this year’s Pupil Premium Funding?

Pupil Premium is used flexibly to best meet the needs of individual learners. Barriers facing these pupils often lay around social, emotional needs and learning behaviours.

Currently, these funds are used to provide high quality sports sessions during the curriculum as well as lunchtime clubs (choir and PE) These opportunities develop our pupils confidence, resilience, mind-set and self-esteem, all of which impact positively on their learning.


How will we measure the impact this spending has had?

•Through observation of these pupils in lessons.


•Through feedback from these pupils.


•Through feedback and discussion from teachers and staff about pupils progress and engagement in their learning.


When we will review this?

Governors and the head teacher will review the spending in March 2017, at the end of the financial year and will plan the expenditure of the next allowance, so that it is bespoke, purposeful and meets the needs of our learners.


Who can get Pupil Premium Funding?

Money is awarded to pupils who:

– are in care or have been at any time in the last 6 years,

– qualify for Free School Meals or have done at any time in the last 6 years,

– are pupils of service personnel.


How to get Pupil Premium Funding

If you think your child may qualify for this funding, please let us know.


How Leavening CP has spent Pupil Premium Funding in the past

Please click this link to see how we used Pupil Premium 2017/18 and the difference it made to disadvantaged pupils.

You can find further information about the pupil premium in Pupil Premium Frequently Asked Questions