Our Behaviour Principles

 “Good behaviour is a necessary condition for effective teaching to take place” 

The Staff and the Governing Body accepts this principle and seeks to create an environment in the school, which encourages and reinforces good behaviour.  Our school has a central role in the children’s social and moral development just as it does in their academic development.

Our children bring to school a wide variety of behavioural patterns based on differences in home values, attitudes, and parenting skills.  At school we must work towards standards of behaviour based on the basic principles of honestyrespectconsideration and responsibility.

Our purpose at Leavening Community Primary School is:

‘Together We Can’, which is underpinned by our 4 core values of:

  • Look and learn beyond the classroom

  • Have high aspirations and fulfil our potential

  • Care, share and belong

  • Lead, Teach and Learn with Passion

In this school an ethos of positive behaviour reinforcement is established where children are regularly praised for doing the ‘right’ thing and persistent inappropriate behaviour is not tolerated

At Leavening school we do not tolerate;

  • Dishonesty

  • Hurting others in any way, including name-calling.

  • Preventing others learning 

    Our Purpose is designed to give children, parents, staff, governors and our local community a clear and consistent summary of what our school is about and what really matters to us.

    Staff at the school promote this, not by talking about them, but by putting them into action. All adults encountered by the children at school have a responsibility to model high standards of behaviour, both in their dealings with the children and with each other, as their example has an important influence on the children. We should aim to:

    • Create a positive climate with realistic expectations;

    • Emphasise the importance of being valued as an individual within the group;

    • Promote, through example, honesty and courtesy; think about how we speak to pupils

    • Provide a caring and effective learning environment;

    • Encourage relationships based on kindness, respect and understanding of the needs of others;

    • Ensure fair treatment for all regardless of age, gender, race, beliefs and ability;

    • Show appreciation of the efforts and contribution of all.

    • Use positive behaviour reinforcement as the main tool for managing behaviour.

    Please see this page to view our Behaviour Policy