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OAK TREES: School closure home learning resources (March-May 2020)

If your child needs help or support with schoolwork, please do get in touch via the individual class email:


PE exercise log to use alongside Joe Wicks PE videos

Artwork for Mrs Marshall

Choose one (or more) of the photos above and draw/paint it /or use any media you have at home. Parents- remind children to use the whole paper/page not just a tiny picture in the middle. Also perspective - do we all have the same size heads etc?! Think about background too. Parents- please can you post their work for me to see via the school Facebook page, if you are able to do so. Thanks.

Y3 & Y4 French & Music

amiens zoo hours and tarif Year 3 and 4

FOLK-TheCuckoo piano

Melody match worksheet 001

Music Oak Trees lesson 2 Spider diagram Vaughan Williams pdf

Oak Trees French and Music Home Learning from Mrs Stockill week 2 pdf

Oak trees rhythm worksheet 001

Vaughan Williams  The Lark Ascending

WEBBER - Memory

zoo questions year 3 and 4


English Sheets


KS2 What Is Coronavirus Adult Guidance

LKS2 What Is Coronavirus Daily News Story

YEAR 4 Maths and English Work for WK beginning 30-3-20

1. horizontal and vertical

2. parallel and perpendicular

3. Triangles

4. quadrilaterals


English 2

Maths 2



Music and French work for Friday 27th March

French zoo vocabulary year 3 and 4

Oak Trees  Music lesson 1 instructions

Oak Trees lesson 1 music Spider diagram Elgar

Oak trees music lesson 1 Elgar Nimrod from Enigma Variations

Oak trees Music lesson 1 Notation Colour by Numbers 001

Y 3 and 4 French Home Learning from Mrs Stockill

Y3 and 4 French lesson 1 blank zoo map

Y5 and 6 French Home Learning from Mrs Stockill

Year 5 and 6 French lesson 1 blank zoo map

zoo vocabulary year 5 and 6



Activity Sheet Danebury

Activity Sheet Maiden Castle

Activity Sheet Sentences About Hillforts

Activity Sheet Why Were Hillforts So Popular

Adult Guidance Historical Bingo

Bronze Age Challenge Cards

Foundation subjects 1 and 2

Stone Age Challenge Cards





MATHS 23/3/20

1.Perimeter of a rectangle

2. Perimeter on a grid

3. Perimeter of rectilinear shapes

4. What is Area


5a. Counting in Squares

6 Comparing Area

7. Making Shapes

Maths 1



Y3/4 ENGLISH 23/3/2020


Kennings Poem:

Kennings Planning Sheet LA

Kennings Planning Sheet

Kennings Poster 2xA4

Kennings Poster A4

Kennings Teaching Powerpoint

English 1





Guided Reading Skills Task Cards Authors Purpose

Guided Reading Skills Task Cards Cause and Effect

Guided Reading Skills Task Cards Compare and Contrast

Guided Reading Skills Task Cards Fact and Opinion

Guided Reading Skills Task Cards Inference Questions

Guided Reading Skills Task Cards Main Idea

Guided Reading Skills Task Cards Predictions Questions

Guided Reading Skills Task Cards Retrieval Questions

Guided Reading Skills Task Cards Sequencing

Guided Reading Skills Task Cards Vocabulary Questions


22/04/20 PURPLE MASH

I have set 2dos for foundation subjects - computing and science. 
Our computing topic this half term is 'Game Creators' I have set the following 2dos for All year groups:
Computer game planner (children can play around with the 3D game creator before filling this in, but it would be helpful if they had a structured plan before creating their game so they have a clear focus)
2DIY 3D 
In addition I have set the following 2dos:
Y3/4 DIY Game magazine
Y5/6 blank computer game review (please make sure these are age appropriate)
Our Science topic this half term is 'Plants'
2do (ALL)
Life cycle of a plant (I have also attached a copy)
seed dispersal 
Children may need the internet to help them with these activities. 
Children were going to dissect flowers in class so if you would like them to have a go at home please use the links below to help you.  
Video of a dissection 
More information



I have set a range of 2dos that will allow children to practice appropriate grammatical skills.
Alien time
The dog and the ball
Mark wants chicken
Frank's clever window 
Harry's party 
Jane's monster
Our topic for Maths over the next two weeks is 'time'
The following 2dos have been set:
time conversions
time clock faces 1 and 2
time problems
If you find that your child is struggling, use earlier activities for them to revisit skills. Go to home page - mathematics - times. 
Please can children play on Monster Multiplication daily and also 2 simple table toons (I have not set this on as a 2do so children can practice the tables they know they struggle with. They can also make their own toon characters. 
This maybe doesn't seem like a lot of work but children should play a range of these games repeatedly in order to embed their understanding. 
I understand this method of home learning relies on parents to have access to the internet and devices, if this is an issue please can you email me ASAP and we will try to sort an alternative. As always, I appreciate your feedback so please let me know how this goes. The deadline for all 2dos is Friday 1st May but children can send them to me as and when they have finished. Any questions, please get in touch. 
Thank you for your support.
-Louise   This will be useful in addition to what I have sent. The topic this week is fractions but it is always good to revisit prior learning. Activities can be written in the Maths books I sent home.
Here is the work I would like you to send for the Oak trees children for the first Friday back.  I have saved it all as pdfs ... Thanks -Mrs Stockill

LP Email: 27/04/2020
Just a reminder that you have until Friday 1st May to complete all work. If you need something else to do I have pasted links to White Rose Maths and Bitesize English below. Next week, I will email a few pages with learning ideas on to keep the process more simple. 2dos will continue to be set for foundation subjects. 
LP Email: 28/04/2020

French Work and Picture News

Hello, just to remind you to visit the Bitesize website daily for English activities:
and please email any French/Music work directly to Mrs Stockill:

Home Learning Ideas - Email from Monday 4th May

Pick your year groups and click on English. 
We should have been reading 'War of the Worlds' (a child friendly version) this half term. I have managed to find a comic book version that can be read online or in a PDF format. Your child could read this and answer questions (from the question sheet I sent out in the first week). 
Click on year group and get started. 
Please continue with multiplication practice. 
Maps, compass and grid references 
I've set a 2do (labeling the points of a compass)
The link below load a PDF booklet with information and activities children can complete. 
All about Buddhism 
Morals and values 
Why is it important to have values?
What are Leavening School's values? Look at the website and write them down. Can you think of values that are important to you? Write them down and explain why. 
Children can continue to design their own computer games using 2DIY 3D 
continue using the Joe Wicks PE videos on you tube.
*Home learning ideas as a grid to minimise the amount of emails being sent to you.*
 I would just like to take this opportunity to remind you that it is not necessary to follow any kind of timetable and there are no formal expectations whatsoever; everything that has been provided is only there to help and guide. Please find routines which work for your family, whatever day it is or whatever time of day - and just do what you can, and what works for you - you know your children best and we don't want anyone to feel overwhelmed!

French and Music - Home learning from Mrs Stockill

Here is my statement for the grid next week - I am not setting any work as it is VE Day Bank holiday.  Nonetheless, I have suggested some music to listen to linking in with the celebrations.

Oak trees Home learning French and music statements 8th May

Picture News Special - VE Day 75th Anniversary

Story: The 75th Anniversary of VE Day

Question: What is VE Day?

Picture News Special Poster - VE Day 75th Anniversary

Picture News Special Resource - VE Day 75th Anniversary 2020

VE Day 75th Anniversary Resource - April 2020



Music and French Home Learning (for 15th May)

I have attached the work intended for next Friday, however, complete it as and when you can.  The French work is split into Upper and Lower Keystage 2 this week.  I would love to see some of your work so keep sending it to my email and I will mark it for you.
I am missing everybody a great deal and look forward to seeing you all again.  In the meantime make sure you sign up to the Young Voices Power In Me challenge.
Best wishes
Mrs Stockill x
Maths - Mon, 11 May 2020
It has been brought to my attention that the White Rose Daily Maths Lessons are only accessible for subscribers. As a school we don't subscribe to the paid material so unfortunately we won't be able to continue using these. Please use BBC Bitesize Daily Maths Lessons instead.
The links for each year group are below, and as with the English, revisit each day for a new activity. 
Thank you
Week 4 - Home Learning - Mon, 11 May 2020


The links below will take you to Monday's English lesson. Please revisit each day for a new activity. 






Forest School 
Continue with Maths activity cards
Find some old rope and use the website below to teach yourself how to do the following knots: overhand knot, figure 8 knot and slip knot. 
Paint like Picasso 
Pablo Picasso was a famous artist from Spain. He didn't try to paint things exactly as they looked in real life (he found this quite boring). Instead, he liked to experiment by painting them in as many different ways he could think of. 
Pick a person or object (parent, sibling, pet or a piece of furniture in your house). Try to think of different ways you can draw them/it. 
  • can you draw them/it using only one colour?
  • can you draw them/it out of shapes (like cubes, circles or triangles)? 
  • can you draw them in the weirdest way you can think of?
Try the next booklets - beginner to advanced map reading and using the National Grid. Read and complete activities.
Continue following the Joe Wicks programme on you tube
and most importantly... continue to enjoy your time together. 
Take care and stay safe. 

Some parents have requested this so I have attached it - Guided Reading Questions

Learning from Home Ideas - 11th May - Satellites
Learning from Home Ideas - 11th May
Primary Picture News Resource England - 11th May - Satellites

From Mrs Peers:

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