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Parent Curriculum Information

Here at Leavening C P School we like to keep parents informed of what we teach and how we teach in our school.

We hold Parent Curriculum Sessions where parents are invited to come along to gain information on what the children will be learning ....


Below is a blog from a year 2 parent who attended a recent Parent Curriculum session;

Activity passport and real-life learning experiences. 


I thoroughly enjoyed the meeting and the overview of the life learning experiences, (the fun stuff as the teachers referred to it) 

The teachers stressed that although curriculum-based learning of the 3 Rs was vitally important the school also wanted to focus on other ways to help children learn about the things happening around them as they grow up. 


Examples given to me were- 


playing a board game. This helps with maths and reading skills 


Building a bridge, a taste of design and engineering skills 


Getting wet in the rain, every child loves splashing in puddles and without water no life on earth would exist. 


Cooking on a campfire, bringing fire lighting and cooking skills together. 


These experiences will not only be great fun but also the way they are being done will enhance the learning and help children understand what goes on in life beyond the classroom. Many of these experiences will be things that will always be remembered and help with jobs or careers in later life. 


                            "Looks like great fun! So good I want to come back to school and join in the experience!"

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